Derma Wand

DermWand-How It Works and Customers Who Have Used DermWand

What is DermWand?

Dermwand is a at home device designed and made to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enables toning saggy skin, decrease enlarged pores and uneven texture, and lessen the appearance of puffy eyes. The Dermwand device is engineered in the same technology as radio frequency machines, used by doctors and hospitals for issues of premature aging. Like the technologies used by doctors, DermWand provdes stimulation to the skin, resulting in thermal energy and oxygen supplied to the skin. By providing the skin these benefits, the results is younger looking skin.

Cost Of DermWand

There are two methods to purchase DermWand. A 30 day trial kit is offered, with the device, accessories, DVD(instrutions to use), and the DermWand beauty guide and tips. On initial ordering, you will be billed $39.99 pluus $19.95 shipping. The remaining two payments of $39.95 will be charged on two individual installments. If not satisfied it can be returned under the 30 day money back guarantee. Second option would be paying in full in one payment of $119.85 plua ahipping and processing.

Reports of Results by Users of DermWand

Reports from users of the DermWand product overall has been very favorable. Most users report a tighten of skin, less puffy eyes, and overall reduction in fine lines in skin. Women in the ages groups from early 50s to late 60s have reported results as advertised. Improvements in skin tone, texture, pore reduction, and a more refined younger skin has been reported by women who have used DermWand from within a month use up to three month use. Continued use beyond 90 days, showed the intital improvements were maintained with the recomended daily use of the DermWand device. Even though, users have primarily been women, there is no reason men could not see the same improvements in their skin.


For further infomation, go to our Derma Wand website.

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