Derma Wand


Derma Wand

In general, radio frequency skin care products have better reviews compared to cream treatment. It is probably because they penetrate under the skin and have a much a fuller effect compared to other treatments that affect only the superficial layer. Adult consumers including those over 60 have seen a significant improvement in facial appearance, after use of derma wand treatment.

Derma wand helps reverse aging signs and give you a more youthful experience. Owning one is like carrying around your very own skin clinic. It uses high radio frequencies from the effects of thermal energy. Thermal and electrical energy are delivered to skin when in contact, stimulating the skin’s cells and collagen. It produces oxygen which kills bacteria in the skin, improves skin color and is very helpful with hormonal issues such as acne.

Things you should consider

There are different Derma wand kits for different skin conditions. Results differ from person to person, it is important to take notes of certain factors. Here are a few things to consider before you make your order;

Skin types

High frequency treatment is normally safe to all skin types, but you should be careful with the lotions and creams you apply on your skin. You should make sure they are compatible with your skin type. This way you will fully benefit from Derma wand.


Derma Wand is not recommended for use by people with pacemakers installed. Pregnant women, nervous system and epileptic patients are also not advised to make use of the product. To be assured, check the doctor.

Allergy and Sensitivity

Allergies won’t be a problem with a Derma Wand, because it basically has no ingredients .Though the heat from a Derma Wand is very minimal, sensitive skin might not handle it.

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